Services Offered

Individual Therapy

30 – 55 minutes

In your first session (Intake Session) we will listen to you closely and find out what difficulties you are currently experiencing. Working together, we will create a direction for your therapy with goals and objectives.
The therapy room is a non-judgemental space where you don’t need to censor yourself, and where you can talk about things that feel unsafe.

Online/Telehealth Therapy

30 – 55 minutes

At MSC, LLC we offer Telehealth counseling sessions if getting to the office creates a barrier to counseling.
The added convenience can make it easier to commit to therapy and to stress less about whether you will be able to make it this week or not.

Parent Coaching

45 – 55 minutes

We offer coaching for parents at all stages.

Here you can learn how to manage stonewalling, miscommunication and fights so you feel more empowered and create healthy boundaries with your children.

Group Therapy

30-45 minutes

Having a supportive group can make all the difference.

Group therapy can be just as effective as individual counseling, but can have the added bonus of learning from others’ experiences.

Our therapist Liz Reynolds, NCC, LPC offers animal assisted therapy.

This approach uses certified therapy dogs Onyx and Demi as a modality and support for healing. It is especially helpful for those who find relationships and connection at the source of their distress.

Animal Assisted Therapy

30 – 55 minutes

Couples Counseling

45-50 minutes

Having a supportive therapist can make all the difference.

Your therapist will work with you and your partner to strengthen your relationship and improve communication.

Family Counseling

45-50 minutes

We recognize that the relationships amongst family members is most likely your most precious relationships.

We will treat each member with respect and compassion. Our therapists welcome and appreciate all family structures.